Group therapy

Couple therapy in a group.

On 29th and 30th of October
in the 'Jagershuis' at the Bleijendijk estate in Vught we have guided a psychotherapy group for couples.

We always see that working in a group has a special extra value to it. A beautiful and loving challenge. Also this time all participants were very excited about the results we achieved together. One of the couples put it like this:
"EFT focuses on the connection instead of the fight. Thus a feeling of reaching out and wanting to share emerges. And in a group with several couples it creates working space and openness. Space for support for every individual, every relationship and the dynamics in that relationship: thus 1 + 1 becomes three. It helped us to take a big step in our relationship. Thank you Lex and Mia for making this possible."

In spring we will start another group.
Interested in participating in this group? Looking for information about compensation from your health insurance? Please let me know. You can also use the Contactform on this website.
Colleague therapists are also welcome to join in.