Welcome on this website, where you will find information about the backgrounds of couple and family therapy and information about how to contact me and how to register for therapy.

There can be different reasons te seek an individual or couple therapist at a certain point in life. Everyone has to deal with problems and tension in his or her life or family system. To some extent this is normal and part of life. Sometimes the problems are predominantly relational, whether between partners or between parent(s) and child(ren). Sometimes the problems are more individual, however they affect the environment.

Many people do not manage to solve the problems by themselves. Sometimes it helps to talk to friends. But helping families or relationships with problems is complicated. A marital and family therapist is specialised to do this; changes can be made in a relatively short period, which reduces complaints. Couple or family therapy by a specialist with whom you feel in good hands and who feels very strongly about quality: It could be of great help when you have problems in your relationship or family.

When looking for a family or couple therapist one wishes to be seen in a pleasant surroundings and not to be faced with complex intake procedures. Also you want to be sure your therapist is educated as a specialist, and so according to the requirements of the specialist psychotherapy association for marriage and family therapy NVRG.

As soon as possible after you register I arrange to meet you in my practice in the centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) to get acquainted and have an extensive intake.